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We spend our days and nights tackling cleaning tasks, so YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

Grime Hunters. Two words, one name, infinite definition to your life!

     We truly are "On target with all of your cleaning needs!" We understand the life of a busy parent, spouse, family, business, boss...yes, we truly get it! There's no sense believing you can do all and be all to everyone and everything.

     Just handing off your cleaning list will alleviate you of much unwarranted stress. Our professional staff is trained to not only properly clean, but to do so efficiently.

     Our professional teams will arrive in Grime Hunters uniforms, get the job done in less than half the time you could on your own, and leave your environment not only clean, but healthier to be in altogether.

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We look forward to helping you tackle that cleaning list with ease!

     Grime Hunters was recently founded by Owner and Operator, Crystal Benson, in 2014. Completing several jobs here and there, she decided to make her way into entrepreneurship.

     Crystal is a wife, mother of three, 2003 Lakeside High School Graduate, and an Ashtabula Native. You may have even been served dinner and drinks by her at Martini's Restaurant & Lounge!

     Her organization, Grime Hunters, services the cleaning needs of both the Residential and Commercial industry throughout Ohio's Ashtabula and Lake Counties.

      Grime Hunters is a Limited Liability Company under the State of Ohio, Licensed to do business in Ashtabula County and Lake County, and fully insured. Lastly, Grime Hunters is locally and family owned and operated.

     We look forward to servicing all of your cleaning needs for many years to come!

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